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WINEGRID solutions in Chile

Ventisquero Wine Estate Chile Wineplus WINEGRID

WINEGRID and Enartis joined forces in South America at the beginning of 2024, leading to impactful results. Four renowned Chilean wineries have adopted WINEGRID, in order to optimize production processes for maximum efficiency and, at the same time, achieve better wine quality.

Cremaschi Furlotti, Ventisquero Wine Estates, Undurraga, and Indómita are the names of the wineries embarking on a journey towards the future of winemaking with WINEGRID solutions, striving to shape the Winery of the Future.

Nestled in Chile’s Loncomilla Valley, Cremaschi Furlotti boasts a rich heritage spanning over 13o years, marked by dedication to excellence and sustainability. The integration of WINEGRID solutions aligns seamlessly with their ethos, reinforcing their commitment to delivering fine wines efficiently and sustainably.

Cremachi Furlotti Chile Wineplus WINEGRID Cremachi Furlotti Chile Wineplus WINEGRID

  Established in 1999, Ventisquero Wine Estate is dedicated to delivering different, passionate, and high-quality wines. Driven by a willingness to achieve different quality, this winery constantly looks for ways to improve and the adoption of WINEGRID solutions marks a significant step towards this goal.

Ventisquero Wine Estates Chile Wineplus

Undurraga, a pioneering presence in Chile’s wine industry with over 135 years of history, focuses on creating authentic, characterful, and consistent wines. Constant innovation has always been at the core of this winery, and the integration of WINEGRID solutions ensures they stay ahead of industry standards.

Undurraga Chile Wineplus WINEGRID

Indómita, located between Santiago and Valparaíso, emphasizes sustainability and fair trade principles. Despite being a newer entrant to the wine industry, they have rapidly expanded their presence both locally and internationally. WINEGRID solutions are set to fuel their continued growth.

Indómita Chile Wineplus WINEGRID

These forward-thinking wineries have selected Wineplus, e-bung, and e-charmat solutions, paving the way for a future where technology and tradition harmonize to create exceptional wines.