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WINEGRID solutions in Argentina

Catena Zapata Argentina WINEGRID Enartis

WINEGRID solutions have made their debut in Argentina, with installations in 9 prestigious wineries across the region, as a result of the combined efforts of WINEGRID and Enartis teams. This milestone represents a great advancement in revolutionizing winemaking techniques in the region.

These pioneering wineries, Catena Zapata, Finca Flichman, Bodega Dante Robino, Polo Bodega y Viñedos, Champagnera Polo, Bodegas Lopéz, Bodegas Esmeralda, Bodega Vistalba and Los Haroldos, stand at the forefront of revolutionizing winemaking techniques in Argentina by embracing WINEGRID solutions. By integrating our cutting-edge technology into their processes, these visionary wineries are not only reshaping the landscape of Argentine winemaking but also inspiring others to join the pursuit of excellence.

Catena Zapata, renowned for its pivotal role in elevating Argentinean wines onto the global stage since its establishment in 1902, is committed to delivering rich and unforgettable wines sourced from vineyards nestled in the extremely high altitudes of the Andean foothills of Mendoza, where the unique terroir of Malbec flourishes.

Catena Zapata Argentina WINEGRID Enartis

With over a century of heritage, Finca Flichman has crafted wines of rich complexity and intense fruit notes. Located in Mendoza, within Barrancas and Tupungato regions, this winery benefits from the unique terroir of its surroundings. Notably, Finca Flichman is affiliated with the respected Portuguese Sogrape Group, further solidifying its standing in the world of winemaking.

finca flichman Argentina WINEGRID Enartis

Nestled in Luján de Cuyo, Bodega Dante Robino is dedicated to cultivating balanced grapes, nurtured under optimal conditions of light and humidity. Committed to blending tradition with innovation, they uphold rigorous production standards in crafting their wines.

Bodega Dante Robino Argentina WINEGRID ENARTIS

Polo Bodega y Viñedos, a family winery with over 25 years of history, focuses in producing quality wines that express the unique terroir of La Consulta in the Uco Valley. Their vineyards are meticulously tended to with passion and respect for the soil, reflecting the core values of the winery. Polo Bodega y Viñedos focuses on both still and sparkling wines, establishing Champagnera Polo, a state-of-the-art winery specializing in sparkling wine production, in 2011.

Bodega Polo Argentina WINEGRID ENARTIS Champagnera Polo Argentina WINEGRID Enartis

Bodegas Lopéz, founded in 1898, is renowned for consistently delivering the highest quality wines, a legacy shaped by four generations committed to hard work, attention to detail and passion for excellence. The winery is committed to utilizing the latest technology to create exceptional wines.

With a history spanning more than half a century, Bodegas Esmeralda is one of the great benchmarks of Argentinian wine, consistently producing quality wines since its foundation. Located in Junín, one of the most traditional areas for vitiviniculture in Mendoza, it specializes in crafting rich and fruity wines, earning recognition as a true industry icon. A true icon in the winemaking industry, Bodegas Esmeralda has earned acclaim for its commitment to modernization, organized work practices, continual volume growth, and unwavering dedication to quality.

Founded in 2003 by Pulenta Family, Bodega Vistalba, situated in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, blends historic vineyards with modern winemaking techniques to create elegant wines. WINEGRID solutions will play a crucial role in maintaining its position as a key player in the domestic and international wine markets.

Nestled in the North Valley of Mendoza, Los Haroldos is renowned for its unwavering commitment to progress, innovative spirit, and substantial technological investments. With a dedicated team and a focus on innovation, the brand consistently delivers high-quality wines distinguished by their character and style. The adoption of Winegrid solutions reinforces their commitment to innovation and technology, enhancing their ability to craft exceptional wines with precision and excellence.

Los Haroldos Argentina WINEGRID Enartis

The adoption of WINEGRID solutions, namely Wineplus, e-bung and e-charmat, by these wineries marks a pivotal moment in their winemaking journey. Embracing WINEGRID solutions will help them ensure consistent excellence and elevate their winemaking process to new heights.