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WATGRID Solutions is hiring!

watgrid hiring

Job offer status: closed

WATGRID is a Portuguese company focused on the development of innovative technological solutions for process digitalization in liquid related industries. Based on IoT, WATGRID systems are composed of Visualization Platform, Computing Platform with an Artificial Intelligence Engine, and Hardware (monitoring sensors).
Through WINEGRID brand, specific for the wine industry, the company has been delivering proprietary and unique solutions to the market. Its patented state of the art technology enables a proactive and predictive approach to the winemaking process, and is already being used by wine producers around the world.

Develop a web application based on React or Angular.
Prioritize usability and compatibility with all mediums and device types.
Collaborate with the engineering team on the backend design and specifications.
Work closely with the whole company on the definition of new features and improvements.
Quickly incorporate client feedback in the decision process.
Monitor usage to identify and solve bottlenecks, bugs and performance issues.

Experience with React or Angular platforms
Solid understanding of fundamental web technologies such as HTTP, REST, AJAX and JSON
Strong proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS and NPM.
Bonus: Experience working with Docker, AngularJS, Django, GraphQL

Send your application to rh@watgrid.com

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